Bedragare del 33

Det här är en ny variant. Jag är tydligen en ”non-resident” i USA och måste bekräfta en massa uppgifter så att jag slipper skatta i USA. Som bilaga fanns en ytterst avancerad och komplicerad blankett som jag ska faxa eller e-posta. Det är mycket dom behöver veta som bankkonto, passnummer, min mammas efternamn och hundra andra uppgifter.

Epost bedragareSir/Madam,
Our records indicate that you are a Non-resident, and that you are exempted from the United States of America Tax reporting and withholdings on interest paid to you on your account and other financial benefits. To protect your exemption from tax on your account and other financial benefits, you need to re-certify your exempt status to enable us confirm your records with us.

Therefore, you are required to authenticate the following by completing form W-8BEN attached and return same to us as soon as possible with a valid copy of government issued Identification(eg, International Passport) through fax number or the email at the bottom of the form. When completing form W-8BEN, please follow the steps below;

1. We need you to provide your permanent address and US address if any. if different from the current mailing address. You must indicate as a Non-US resident, the country you are residing, to support your non-resident status and if your bank or other financial institutions you are dealing with has a US address for mailing purposes.

2. Please complete 1 through 11 and have all account holder(s) (if more than one account holder) sign and date the form separately and send to us through the fax number or email at the bottom of the W-8BEN form. Note that if your W-8BEN FORM together with a copy of your International passport is not received from you after 7days from the day of the receipt of this letter you will lose your Non-resident status and be listed as undocumented,resulting in the standard rate of 30% being applied on any dividend or interest income received on your investments/accounts.* List of required documents:

1.A copy of filled W-8BEN FORM.
2.A photocopy of the photo page of your international passport.

*If you should receive multiple notifications,it means previous filled out forms was not properly filled and as such,we need you to refill needed columns and re-fax or email to us using the details at the bottom of W-8BEN.

We appreciate your co-operation in helping us protect your exempt status and also confirm our records.


Isabella Charlotte,
IRS Public Relations

Observera att dom även ska ha en fotokopia av passet. Jag har en stark misstanke att några dagar efter att jag skickat in uppgifter så finns det inga pengar kvar på mitt bankkonto?

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